Monday, June 17, 2013

Other plans

For now we are sitting tight here at our countryish house in the suburbs. It seems as though our potential offer on our house and possible ticket to open land has fallen through. There is still hope since our contract isn't up yet on the house in the country.

I was reminding Tim yesterday that we had prayed multiple times for God's will to be done. We may have to start another prayer that He will help us to accept His will whatever that may be. 

I am confident that this vision He has given us in our hearts will come to pass, it just may not be in my time frame. I have decided that if our house doesn't sell then I am going to embrace where I am in life moment by moment. I feel like I'm in this middle zone waiting for the next step so God can use me. It seems I'm forgetting that right now IS a step. 

Nothing is by accident. I will choose to believe that my family and I are right where we are supposed to be. Let's just hope I can remember this when I read all of the little books with farm pictures to the girls.
YES, I'll admit I am jealous of the fictional, cartoon farmer that was in the book I read to them this morning. I'm telling ya I'm crazy!