Friday, July 12, 2013

Healthy habits or going through the motions

As I sit on the couch this morning, coffee in hand, Bible on my lap, my mind wanders. I'm thinking of the needs for the day. My mind quickly shifts as to what to feed the kids for breakfast once I hear the pitter pat of their feet upstairs. I immediately feel aggravated and think to myself that this time alone with God is pointless because my heart isn't there. I read the same stuff every morning... God doesn't ONLY speak in Proverbs:) I have been doing this wonderful habit of reading my Bible every morning for many months now. My fire has slowly grown dim. My healthy habit has turned into just that.. A HABIT. I feel like I don't really choose at that time, I'm running on autopilot. I read, pray, then start the day as if I hadn't read anything. What has God been trying to tell me? How long has He been whispering all the wisdoms in my ear of a fulfilling, joyful life?

I do Bible time with the kids, read stories, color pictures, and play outside. This all sounds like great mom stuff but if I'm absent in heart and mind am I really there? I can tell ya now, they aren't getting my best. I have had many times where I'm staring off in space and they are asking me the same questions over and over again till I snap out of my trance. I wonder how many opportunities I have missed to share with them the beauty outside our windows simply because I never looked out? When have I lost teachable moments because I was following  MY routine instead of God's lead?

The cooking and cleaning can also be effected by so called healthy habits. Yeah, I do most of the, "Good momma stuff." I try to cook meals from scratch to keep us away from the doctor. I keep the house looking decent with toys picked up off the floor. When was the last time I've tried a new recipe to really WOW my family? When have I pulled up my sleeves and deep cleaned in the back of a closet to further organize our home life?

I want to live this life not merely going through the motions anymore. God calls us out of comfort zones, to shake things up a bit and see what all He has to offer.

I pray Lord to keep my heart and eyes open to your world. To see your opportunities to advance your WORD and wonder. I thank you for my wake up call this morning and for speaking even when I'm not listening for you. Let me minister to my family and those around me and give you all I've got.

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