Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We had an awesome day of Tim being on vacation. I was able to go for a run by myself this morning. It felt amazing when I started. Once I finished I was leaning over the counter top out of breath, in pain, and wondering why in the world I thought that would be refreshing!

Once my heart rate settled down we went to the front yard to try to teach willow how to ride her bike without training wheels. She did pretty good and looked adorable with the oversized helmet on her head. Towards the end she was getting a bit aggregated, but was quickly forgotten when I came out with popsicles.

I came inside and started making lunch and some healthy snacks for the week while they all played in the baby pool on the deck. Poor Ty ended up swimming in his pajamas. Didn't bother him at all.

That wore them all out pretty quickly. We finished up lunch then got everyone down for naps. Tim and I headed for the basement to start painting the girls bunk bed set for the big move to the country house. Zoe has been asking me everyday, "Momma how many minutes till we get to the country house?" I told her it takes A LOT of minutes to make a month:) definitely warms my heart to know she is excited.

This evening we decided to go an adventure and take them bowling for the first time. They were so stinking cute in their little bowling shoes.(of course that was there favorite part) After every turn  they would shrill and jump up and down. Ty loved the spot on the back of the machine where the bowling balls came up, it blew out air and he kept putting his face in it. That kept him pretty content. Just as I thought, the girls wanted to take the shoes with them. Thankfully there were no meltdowns when we gave them back.

We went to dinner at one of Tim's favorites, Texas Roadhouse. Although we look like a circus act in there, the food was great as usual. I became very thankful for my run this morning as I was eating my second hot buttered roll.

We made some great memories today...