Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bible study

Bible study started back today. I was so tempted not to go. Mommy guilt got the best of me this morning. Zoe was not feeling good last night. I fussed at her for 2 hours to go to sleep before giving in and sleeping in the guest room with her. I felt terrible when she woke up with a fever. She was excited to stay at moms and willow was thrilled to go to Bible study. It was very refreshing to once again be with like minded women. It always feels like confirmation and leading all at the same time. When we got home I let my no tv deal slide for a movie for my Zoe Bell. That night after baths Willow told me that she was very impressed with Ty that he can crawl and eat his puffs. She sounds just like me. Tim got home about 8:30 and all the kids were asleep. It was nice to sit and talk. Love him for how hard he works. It is a blessing to live with someone who has such a positive outlook on life.