Sunday, January 20, 2013


It was so great going to church as a family again. I hope I never take it for granted. The kids did great in their classes, church was amazing. I need to stop looking in the mirrors of this world that have labeled me and I need to quit labeling myself! I am God's daughter. Through my weakness He is strong and then glorified. He WILL bring forth his purposes for me. I just have to keep my eyes on Him and help point others eyes in the same direction. I am so filled with joy from God at this stage in my life. I always want to remember this joy so that when the enemy attacks I'll know that I am walking where He is leading. There is nowhere I'd rather be. Tim went to meet Scott to take down the swing set at Scott's sister's house for the kiddos. Lily came over and we all went on a walk down the street to see them. That evening we watched football and spent time as a family. Great day.