Thursday, January 10, 2013

New year

It's the beginning of a new year and of course I have a New Years resolution or should I say " word" or "phrase." It is to ENJOY the blessings God has given me. The first and best blessing that comes to my mind is my family. Today Classical Conversations(CC) started back. The encouragement I get from those women is great. God has us right where He wants us. Willow showed off her ladybugs for her presentation. I thought Zoe was going to cry to go with Mrs. Peaches but instead she ran down the hall yelling,"I love school!" The old me would have gotten upset for her running down the hall. But the 2013 Brittany wants to be thankful for those sweet moments knowing that God is confirming homeschooling in my mind over and over again. When we got home Willow got mad at me because I told her it was time to take a nap. She told me she was gonna give me a cold and then tried to cough on me!! It was all I could not to laugh...don't know where she gets this stuff. My sweet Ty fell asleep on me while we all watched Lady and the Tramp. Part of my new " Enjoying my blessings," I breathed him in knowing how quickly this time is flying by. I had just given him a bath so he smelled like heaven with fluffy hair. I ended the night with little girls jumping bed to bed and a little arm around my neck from Ty bear. Wow... What a blessed life to enjoy this year. Thank you Jesus.