Sunday, February 17, 2013

Follow your heart

I was starting to get irritated while I was laying the kids down for bed. I worked last night and have only slept a few hours. Willow was singing yet another made up song, Ty was crying, and Zoe was yelling because she wanted to sing her own song. Once I got them quiet I told them to take turns and each sing one more song before bed. Willow started singing hers and then midway through she grabbed my chin and looked me in the eyes and sang," follow your heart" in her crazy out of tune voice. My irritations quickly turned to laughter. They are so crazy and I love it! I have to keep reminding myself over and over of my New Years resolution to enjoy these blessings! As I type this I just realized I forgot to put a diaper on Zoe before I laid them down. Oh... I'm playing with fire, fingers crossed that there is a dry bed in the morning:)