Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Well the no diaper thing with Zoe definitely backfired on me. At around midnight I woke up to her skipping into my room and climbing in bed with me, still forgetting she did not have on a diaper. For some reason Zoe likes to lay horizontal when she is in the bed with me and her bottom was right on me. So.... About 4am I woke up with my pajamas drenched. Yep! She peed all over me! I had to change my clothes and put a towel under her. She didn't wake up at all. Learned my lesson!
After all that craziness we headed for Virginia to visit Tim's grandparents. It's always so nice to go visit them and rest. We always learn so much talking with them. It's also easy to soak it in when you can step outside your own world for a day or two. The kids were awesome and had a lot of fun. The worse part about the whole trip is how tight my darn pants are now. Memaw refused to let us go an hour without eating something. But I guess if you have to eat every hour then her cooking is what you would want to eat. Before we left they took us out to eat at Golden Corral. I think it's safe to say that a lot of the people in the restaurant got some unexpected entertainment from watching all of us. Willow was grabbing food off  everyone's plates. Ty was throwing his food down into a big pile on the floor. I caught Zoe sitting in the floor with her shoes off looking in between each toe for toe jam. To top all that off,  Memaw bent down to pick some of Ty's food up off the ground and she fell out of her chair! We left an extra large tip for that poor waiter. Just more memories to add for laughs!