Thursday, February 21, 2013


This morning was so much fun. We picked out two properties with land to all go look at to get a better idea of what we want for a future home. We pretty much fell in love with both places. Watching the kids run through the woods laughing and exploring makes this an emotional decision as well. I feel God leading us and Im so excited for the new adventures that lie ahead. When we got to the 2nd home we sat outside and had a picnic. All though we were busy talking and dreaming all day is was very relaxed. We then drove to pick up to Cherryville to get our cow meat we purchased awhile back to hopefully save money in the long run on organic grassed meat. I'm hoping it will last a year. On the way back home I realized I completely forgot that I was supposed to eat out with my friends! I was looking so forward to it! Don't know what I was thinking! Right now Tim and I are excited and exhausted. We are praying for open hearts, eyes, and minds to what the will of God is for our family because that is the only place we want to be.