Sunday, February 24, 2013


Whenever I have to go to work and wake up the next day it always feels like a couple days have passed by in that one shift. I'm amazed at how quickly the kids are growing. Ty is trying to pull up on the coffee table  and is crawling after his sisters. Zoe is talking up a storm! She ask me to read books to her all the time. Willow is trying to take on responsibility and clean her own room and loves being a helper and leader to everyone. The girls have really formed a sweet relationship. They have what I wanted as kid with Sweet Mallory, but God knows best and gave me what I needed instead. Its that  little time away from them that helps put life in perspective.
With the time passing so quickly I'm trying to make it a point to actually DO all the things I TALK about doing. So last night I attempted one of those simple things which was to make my own homemade pizza ( dough, sauce, etc...) Turned out not quite how I imagined, was more like a pizza casserole:) For now, it's  time to start my marathon of getting everyone fed and ready for church. Fingers crossed we make it to the church pew!