Monday, February 25, 2013

The garden

Today has been such a great day. We made it to church, got everyone dropped off in their classes without tears, and made it to the church pew with time to spare. The sermon was uplifting and challenging. The confirmation Tim and I keep getting to live our lives opposite of this world is so encouraging. Although its tough at times it feels so wonderful to feel the Holy Spirit mold and guide us for God's purpose and ultimately His glory through our family. It was a beautiful day outside so when we got home we ate lunch and headed straight to the backyard. The kids had the most fun pulling the last bit of carrots out of the garden. I love not being afraid to let them eat them right out of the ground. That's the way God intended it, with no worries of pesticides or any other chemical that man has made. God's ways are best. It has been such a full day of fun and joy. Those days always seem to happen when I don't plan for them. Whenever I try to start controlling things I end up disappointed. I'm gonna make it a point not be such a, "Planner." Definitely gonna need help from above on that one!