Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crazy girls

I have been having issues with these crazy girls at nap time. Right now as I sit here typing I can hear them jumping from bed to bed. I just went up there to let them have it and I overheard them pretending that they were going to chick-fil-a. I stopped myself and decided to treat myself to a cup of coffee and try to figure out the best way to approach the situation. As far as my options go I have three choices. I could separate them in different rooms and hope they fall asleep, all while Zoe is crying for willow. Then willow would just jump on a different bed. I could go up there all afternoon yelling at them and get myself all worked up for nothing. After all,  I can't physically make them sleep. My third option is to just let them be kids. I'm thinking that is the way I'm gonna go even though I will have to fight every fiber in my body to not go in their room and scold them. I have got to remember they are making sweet memories, they aren't hurting anybody, and one day I'll look back and remember the feeling of having my house shake from all the jumping and think it was sweet too. God has used them to teach me patience beyond belief, humility when I never get it right, and how to smile.
... Ok just had to stop and pop one of them on the leg! I'm a work in progress that is for sure!!!