Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When God speaks

It can be very nerve racking when your sitting in Bible study and it is so obvious God is talking right to you. The main point of today's lesson is how we act when God calls us to go somewhere or to do something. I have seen myself hesitate to do what God wants me to do because I know that He is going to do something huge in my life and that can make me feel uncorfatable or uneasy. Our teacher hit the nail on the head... I only want a little bit of God. I want just enough of Him to feel His closeness and get those warm fuzzy feelings, yet still live my life with no convictions and do what I want guilt free. I am slowly learning that His plans are so much bigger than I could ever imagine. When I go or do what He tells me, although it may not be easy, He will reveal Himself  to me and pour out blessing after blessing. I wonder what all I've missed because I've ignored God and thought my way was best. I think back to the moments I felt the urge to encourage someone but didn't because I didn't have the time. Or when I felt led to help someone but was scared of what someone's reaction would be. If I could just keep my thoughts out of the equation, obey, and let God be God then He could use me to do mighty things. I have actually prayed numerous times that God would use me. One of the other teachers said a quote that sticks out in my mind. God is saying to us, " You've asked for a lot, now do you want it or not?"  I'm sitting there in my chair thinking, "Yes! Yes! I do want it, I want God to use me!" Am I willing to put my money where my mouth is? I am going to start praying for boldness and willingness. His will, will be done regardless. Definitely a little fired up tonight!
It was great having momma there today too and it helps to share your heart when you feel like you want to explode. She is one of the few people that "get" me. Me and the kids stayed at her house for a bit which helped the crazy lunch time period. ( When I get home and everyone is starving at the same time) The rest of the afternoon the kids and I played outside and they all went to bed early. It's been a great day.