Saturday, February 9, 2013


Working two 12 hour night shifts at the hospital makes me feel like life stopped for a couple days so here is my recap...Thursday Tim went to work for a few hours so while he was gone I made five loaves of bread. I'm definitely getting tired of all this sickness going around our family so I'm gonna start focusing more on eating whole foods and getting in the most nutrients I can. Tim was happy to come home right as it was getting out of the oven. I was actually able to nap for an hour to prepare for work that night. That never happens! Before I left we were all in the kitchen and I overheard Willow telling Zoe the pledge to the Bible. I was shocked because she has only heard it once a week when we meet with our homeschool group. I told her to say it for Tim. She got confused and all of a sudden started saying her pledge the flag. She recited the entire pledge of allegiance word for word! I have never gone over this with her, she has only heard it once a week as well. Once again another reminder from God that homeschooling is right where He wants us. Work went fine and the bed felt like heaven after being up for going on 27 hours. It was tough going back in, I've gotten spoiled working my one night. It definitely renewed my appreciation. The entire time I'm there I'm thinking about my family and ways to improve our home rather it be our diets, our budget, homeschooling, organizing and sweet ways to enjoy it all. This is truly where my heart is. My hope is that when I am at home that I am truly making a difference. I want to bring joy, peace, laughter and comfort to them. And I want things to be right in the world when their momma is home. Needless to say I am happy to be here at home right now.