Sunday, February 3, 2013


Ty and I woke up and spent the morning together. It's strange that it seems harder whith just one baby than all three. I didn't get a thing done! Without them our whole family dynamic is different. I met Jim and Donna to pick them up. Ty was grinning ear to ear and the girls gave him lots of kisses. After their naps we all went to the grocery store. I had no idea it was going to be so crowded so I was a little nervous about taking them all in. We had our usuall pep talk before going in. They were amazing the entire time. Each week we go they get better and better. I was so proud of them. I feel like this is my reward for the day to day teaching and disciplining that can be so tough. Its pretty funny noticing the looks and comments from others in the store. One lady asked me if there was a sale on children today because my buggy was full of them. When we got home they got to pick a movie and eat popcorn for their behavior. Hopefully when things get crazy tomorrow I can remember to keep trucking along. God will continue to bless my efforts.