Monday, February 4, 2013

Forget the list

So far the day has been a little frustrating. Not because of anybody else but myself. I wake up thinking about my long list of things to do. Make some bread, do my 4 loads of laundry, school the girls, pay some bills, clean the house... The list goes on and on. The family came and met at the house today for Debbie's birthday lunch. At first I was busy running around like crazy trying to make a last minute batch of cookies. Once we finally sat down to eat it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was missing the whole point of having everyone over. I was letting my to do list take over. Luckily I chilled out before everyone left and was able to enjoy everyone's company. In the back of my mind I secretly knew nap time was coming and I was excited to get started on that dang list again. The girls went to sleep perfectly, but then there is that sleep fighter Ty bear! The frustration came right back! I had to take a deep breath and throw the list out again. This time I'm leaving it out and I'm gonna replace it with my accomplishment list. I read to my girls, I changed quite a few diapers, wiped some faces ( and some other parts), I visited with family, I got to celebrate a birthday, eat some great food, and learn some life lessons. So right now I'm gonna enjoy Ty and add it to my list of accomplishments for the day. Thankful to God for a change in perspective.