Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sleep over

I woke up today after a few hours of sleep from working the night before. I was exhausted but that quickly changed when Tim had the coffee made and a red velvet cupcake from Daphne's bakery waiting on me. The kids were all in great moods because they were excited about a sleepover at Oma and Pappas. When we got there they immediately go wild and start asking for snacks, crayons, and toys. Tim and I then snuck away for a nice dinner at the Italian place in town. It was nothing fancy or extravagant but just nice to be in his company. We then went back to Jim and Donnas to enjoy a homemade blueberry cream pie to celebrate Donna passing her real estate class. The girls were very polite at the table. It's nice to see fruits from the labor of teaching them manners and respect. We later got packed up to take Ty back home with us and kiss our little girls goodnight. They seemed so big! I just knew they would cry and want to come back with us, but they didn't. Willow was snuggled on the couch and Zoe was blowing us kisses at the door. I miss them but am so thankful for the new season of life for them. I get to watch two sisters becoming best friends right before my eyes... So thankful!