Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet memories

Today was one of those days I'll look back when I'm an old lady and see how blessed and full my life is. Nothing exceptional happened, it was sweet and simple. I took the girls to homeschool group. There was tons of excitement because there was a valentine party at their lunch time. Tim surprised the girls and met us just in time for the party. Their smile is different when their daddy is around. They exchanged valentines with friends, ate pizza, and decorated cupcakes. Mom watched sweet Ty for me so when I got back home he looked like he was starting to feel better. My new valentine is 8 months old today. I'm so in love with this sweet boy. It's hard to imagine he wasn't even here last valentine. That afternoon I worked very hard to make a special dessert which turned out to be a flop. Pinterest makes things look a little easier. Their pics don't show the screaming kids running around. I was distracted and left out some main ingredients. Tim more than made up for my lack in dessert. He surprised us and cooked a low country broil with shrimp, crab legs, corn, potatoes, and everything else imaginable. His timeline for cooking was a little off so we all snacked and danced around the kitchen for over an hour. Tim had another trick up his sleeve. He grabbed our Dora tablecloth and dumped the broil right in the middle of the table for us to all eat with our forks! I was just as excited as the kids! So by candlelight we had our fill, laughed, and made messy memories that will last a lifetime.