Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back to normal

I am feeling 100% better today and I am convinced it is because of my good old elderberry syrup. I'm so excited about it that when mom came over today I made her take some too. I took the girls to Bible study while Tim took poor Ty to the doctor. Evidently it is his turn to be sick. I'm thinking after him that all of the sickness should have run its course. It was nice to slowly start getting back to normal. After supper tonight the girls made their first valentines for the kids in our homeschool group. They had so much fun coloring them. Willow wanted to cut them up and give everyone, "Lots of pieces of valentines." I had to explain that people might like to get a whole valentine! She said, " ohh good idea." The rest of the night was spent comforting Ty while Zoe was snuggled up with Tim, and we all had to watch Willow's dance for the millionth time that I now have memorized myself. Good to have just about everyone happy and healthy again.