Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I made it

Well... I made it through my two nights of work. The 2nd night was interesting when I found my confused patient walking the hallways naked. His sleeping medication definitely did not agree with him. He kept telling me he was getting up to go to the park. Now why he wanted to go to the park naked I have no idea! So most of my night was spent trying to talk him into to getting back in bed. At least the night went by fast. When I got home it was so great to see the kids. I miss them so much when I'm gone. It was also great to collapse in bed. I only slept a few hours but it was well worth when Tim took me to get blueberry pancakes when I woke up. It's much easier to get fully awake when your jacked up on sugar and coffee. The rest of the night was great just knowing that I could tuck the kids in bed and get a full nights sleep. I am thankful to be home!