Sunday, March 3, 2013


Yesterday was a lot of fun. The kids went bananas over the snow. They saw it around 8:30 am, so they ran upstairs to dress in warm clothes. By the time they got all bundled up in all the tachy hats, scarves, and gloves that they could find it stopped! Luckily for them it started back soon and was even heavier than before. Tim came home from a wild night at the fire station and we headed to one of the country properties that has caught our eye. We walked along the outskirts of most of the land with all three of them through some thick woods and hopped over small creeks. Thankfully everyone was all smiles because that could have quickly turned into some chaos. We then ate lunch at one of the little local diners in town. The bathroom in the restaurant had two toilets in an open room with no stalls. You would have thought the girls walked into heaven. That was very exciting to them to get to use the bathroom side by side. Apparently it's the little things in life:) After that we went to Jim and Donnas to fix their sink and pump up a flat tire. We got to visit with Donna for awhile and share some issues on our hearts. It can be scary at times when you share what God is doing in your life but thankfully we know we are loved regardless.
So for now as I type this I am trying my very very best to have a good attitude about my next two nights of work ahead of me. I just keep telling myself that God can use me wherever I am, if I am willing and obedient. Having the wrong attitude is not the kind of example I want to set for the kids. I don't tolerate it from them so why should I tolerate it from myself. I have definitely noticed that how I react to things has a impact on the entire family. If I'm grouchy than its a guarantee everyone will be. My influence is greater then I think. There are too many little eyes watching, so with a humble heart, YAY WORK!