Thursday, March 7, 2013


I was just telling Tim this morning how I felt like once my feet hit the floor in the mornings that I am running a marathon all day until I crash in bed at 10:30. I woke up to Zoe about an inch from my face saying she wanted to go downstairs. I fixed her some milk then started the oatmeal on the stove. About that time I hear Willow trying to sneak downstairs. She jumps around the corner and yells, "Boo!" So I pretend to be scared and she throws her head back in laughter. Zoe needs help in the bathroom. When I'm done with that I notice the oatmeal is starting to burn. Saved it just in time, nothing some sugar and raises wont take care of. We finish up breakfast then we start getting ready for our homeschool group day with CC. Thankfully I did most of the packing the night before because at this point I've got 40 minutes to get out of the door. Ty woke up earlier than usual but he was very cooperative and watched me laughing as I ran room to room. When we got to homeschool group  I went to grab the stroller out of the back and realized Tim left shovels, a chainsaw, and some rakes all on top of the stroller! Good thing we got out of the house on time because that was an ordeal! The kids were all well behaved but I was sweating at this point. I wrestled with Ty bear all throughout the classes. Once lunch finished up it was our turn to help clean the building. So with Ty on my hip, the girls and I took the trash out of every class. Praise The Lord they were all so good or I may would have had a meltdown. For a reward for good behavior we played outside for a bit before heading home. This job of raising these kids is tough. I am in a long marathon that has no instant gratification.  But I know God sees my efforts and as I type this out I remember all the times I was blessed today by each one of them to be their momma. Each one has hugged me, kissed me, and the girls both said they loved me. They picked me flowers outside. Willow wrapped her arms around my legs while we prayed this morning. Zoe gave me a huge grin at the bottom of the stairs when I found her blankie. Ty laid his sweet head on my shoulder and laughs at any Silly face I make. There are way too many to list. I will gladly run this race. It is what I was called to do. God is running beside me cheering me on. And of course His finish line is pretty awesome.