Saturday, March 9, 2013

Called off!

It's amazing the renewed energy I feel when the hospital calls to tell me I'm called off work. There were only 25 patients, so with a low census I get to stay home with my babies. That afternoon I was so sleepy and could hardly keep my eyes open but all it took was that phone call and my energy was renewed! Oh... It's so in my head but nonetheless thankful for the special gift from God. Debbie was already here to watch the kids since Tim was at the fire station so she got to have a fun sleepover and eat supper with us. The kids just love her. Another blessing that cameout of all this was Debbie watched the kids while I went ahead and did my grocery shopping for the next week. It's funny how excited I was to go to the grocery store on a Friday night, my how times change! Once all the kids were in bed Aunt Debbie and I relaxed on the couch watching TV. I am so blessed with helpful family and a full day tomorrow of no sleeping to spend with everyone. God knows just what you need.