Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Making most of time

Tim is on a mini vacation from work so we are trying to fit in some extra fun everywhere we can. On Friday Tim worked at a someone's house doing some repair work. He then hurried home to eat lunch then ran back outside to cut 3 yards plus ours. When he was done he barely had enough time to take a shower before we headed to our friends Morgan and Ryan's house for a cookout. He made the comment that it seems like no matter what he does he is in a rush and is running to the next thing. He is right, but I noticed that all his rushing is always so he has more time with us... Important things in life. Whenever he is with friends and family he has the ability to completely relax and enjoy moments. I told him it was a gift to be able to do that.
The cookout was great. The girls played with their little boy Logan all night playing chase, jumping on the trampoline, and nearly running over each other on his play tractor.
The next day, once again, Tim ran outside to lay all of our pine needles out before willows soccer game. Of course he was rushed but the rest of the evening was much slower paced. We took the little girls next door Aubrey and Myah to the game with us. Willow was definitely distracted and was not paying a bit of attention. She still had lots of fun. After that we all met Granny, Poppie, and Debbie at showmars. All the kids were great. It was pretty funny seeing people count how many kids were with us. The rest of the day the kids played with the neighbors and Tim and I sat on the porch swing with our coffee. It was one of those unplanned, wonderful days that come when you don't put any extra effort or expectations on.
On Sunday we got up early and went to church. The kids were acting crazy when we got home. There is something about going to church that makes the wildness comes out in them the rest of the day. I tell myself God is testing my patience:) That afternoon Aunt Debbie came to watch this wild group while Tim and I escaped to moorsville for Adam and Katie's wedding. It was such a dreary rainy day. She looked absolutely beautiful though. The food was great. I was so glad to get to be there for that. She reminds me so much of Mallory. I just kept picturing what it would have been like if it was Mallory's wedding. I love how God gives you a little glimpse of something so sweet like that.
I had a huge suprise for Tim after the wedding. I already had everything set up to got to a bed and breakfast in statesville for the night. He couldn't believe I had pulled off an actual surprise. I had a bottle of wine and our bags packed in the trunk. The place was awesome. She had snacks and drinks when we got there waiting for us. So we grabbed those, popped open our bottle of wine and stayed up late playing 2 very competitive rounds of Jenga and checkers. The next mornings breakfast was amazing! The woman cooking breakfast didn't know she was talking with a country boy. He said he wanted tea with breakfast so she bought him a kettle with a tea packet. He thout it was going to be a glass of sweet iced tea. He almost gagged! We got home just before lunch. It was great seeing the kids. This pic is the girls in their " costumes" to show us a dance. Zoe looks like she belongs in an old Richard Simmons video! So halarious! It's been an awesome weekend!