Thursday, May 2, 2013

Giving blessings

Yesterday was a good day. Tim was busy changing all the oil in the cars and getting tires rotated. Mom came over and me and the kids spent time with her. That afternoon we went to Jim and donnas house for Tim to help them with small jobs around their house. Donna got to play with the grand kids and she cooked us supper.
Tim and I are trying to be more of a blessing to others. We want to show are kids how to truly put others before ourselves, not just when it is convenient. I need lots of practice on this! Something I read this morning was about thinking on every blessing you have been given and figuring out how you can " regift" that blessing to share with others. God is putting this message in my face over and over. I think I better start listening because other people are needing help.
This morning we are taking the kids to the dentist... Post to follow on that circus show!