Friday, May 3, 2013

Ty took a step!

The dentist went great with the girls! They were smiling so big and loved every minute of it. As we were leaving they ran to the car yelling,"That was awesome!" Tim then let me run in the consignment store to get the kids some clothes then we headed home for lunch. After getting everyone laid down for naps, Tim worked on his last bit of school work. I had an idea to set up a tea party while the girls were sleeping. I wanted to do something fun with them while their daddy was home since it was rainy outside. They absolutely loved it! We made some sweet memories yesterday. I had marshmallows in a bowl for a little snack. Zoe grabbed one of them and tried to put it over the candle to roast it.
That afternoon when Ty woke up lily and Emma came over for a bit. I had one of the girls play shoes and had Ty hold on to one end while I held the other. I pulled on it and he walked right behind it laughing and squealing. We all screamed and cheered for him. My sweet boy is growing too fast. He is going to have so much fun chasing his sisters. I can't wait!
I have to work tonight and of course Zoe wakes me up at 6:15. I'm doing everything I can to cherish my snuggle time with this crazy girl!