Sunday, May 5, 2013

Poppies bday!

Saturday was poppies birthday. He turned 76. After about two and half hours of sleep from work the night before I managed to make it to willows soccer game. Granny and Poppie were there as well as Jim and Donna. It was cold and cloudy but I was so happy to be there guzzling down my strong coffee. After the game we met granny and Poppie at chickfila. We bought Poppie a large milkshake to celebrate his day. I asked him what his favorite year was and he said it was when he was 35 and he was raising his kids. Then he chuckled and said it was even better when the grand babies came along. Him saying that made me realize that this phase of life I'm in is the best time of my life and I don't even realize it. There are endless funny stories to tell, endless giggles from at least somebody all the time, and endless prayers. These are the days when I collapse in bed after a FULL day. I hope one day I can look back like Poppie and enjoy these days because they are few. Last night Tim took the kids to the store and of course he came back with goodies for them. This probably was not the best idea to have icecream cones before bed. No wonder they think Tim hung the moon.
This morning Tim went to the fire station and the kids and I ventured to church. I let Ty hold on to a small bottle of soap he had been carrying around and throwing. Half way to church willow said, " Eww Ty don't eat it!" I pulled over and found he had bit the lid off and had bubbles everywhere coming out of his mouth! He seemed to think it was halarious! Willow said she saved the day. At least he was clean!