Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Planting more vegetables

Yesterday we all ran errands for the first part of the day. It is so much easier when Tim is with me. The kids did pretty well. Zoe had a small meltdown when she pulled 7 ballarina costumes off the shelf and wanted to buy all of them. This resulted in Tim taking her outside to the car while me, willow, and Ty finished up. We all went out to eat at a great little Mexican restaurant down the street. Our days of eating out with Ty will soon be coming to a close for awhile. The food throwing and grabbing of  plates is getting a little too wild for the public! At least we will save money. When we got back home all the kids got laid down for naps. Tim and I headed straight outside to start planting more vegetables in the garden. We absolutely love this. Our imagination and dreams take off whenever we are outside planting. When the girls woke up they jumped right in there and helped us too. Ty was a booger pulling on flowers and eating dirt. We stayed outside until supper then went back out until bedtime. I was so thankful for a sunny day.