Saturday, April 13, 2013

Perspective change

Honestly, ever since yesterday I have been throwing myself a pity party. With a week long of sickness in our house I've been worn out. Last night we had closing ceremonies for our homeschool group. I was in a rotten mood until I prayed on the way there with the kids. I'm so thankful for God's gentle reminders of the blessings He has poured out on me and my family. It was a wonderful night with all our family there supporting not only the kids but Tim and I as we go through this homeschooling adventure. Last night was so great. We had amazing food and the kids all got to get in front of everyone and share about the things we have learned this year. I thought this change in perspective would carry into today but NOPE, sure didn't.
I woke up this morning exhausted from being up with Ty half the night. I was in a rush to get the house clean just in case of a showing before willows soccer game. By 9am I had already given 3 spankings! I will never understand how God can be so patient with me. Once again He opens my eyes of what life is about. Just a few months ago I would have given anything to be off on a Saturday so I could be with my kids on a beautiful day like today. There I was taking it for granted. What a gift I have been given! I'm so grateful the entire day wasn't stolen. I was able to be there for willow kicking butt in soccer. I was able to play outside with the kids. I got to eat some good south 21 bought to us by Debbie. She stayed with us this afternoon and went on a walk with us. The kids and I watched a movie. I was able to rock my sweet boy to sleep. I Am so thankful that God doesn't give up on me. He knows I would have missed too many wonderful things today.