Thursday, April 11, 2013

The stomach bug

We have survived a terrible stomach bug at our house. Yesterday morning we all woke up feeling terrible. Tim went off to work and was back home, laid out on the floor by that afternoon. I hadn't left the couch since he left that morning. Thankfully momma came over as soon as she found out and let me get in bed for awhile. The poor kids weren't feeling great either. Tim said that it was the quietest our house had been in a long time. They did great taking care of us by being good listeners and not fighting or yelling. Today we have still been fighting it but we are much better than we were. I even made it out to lunch with Karina, Holly, and Katie to celebrate Katie getting married. It's always so nice when the 4 of us can get together. We are all so different but all get along so well and always have tons of fun.
As a treat for the kids acting so great yesterday Tim and I decided to take them to dinner then to get icecream. We knew we were playing with fire before going considering the stomach bug hasn't completely left us all yet, but we gave it a chance. Just as our food got to the table I looked over at Zoe to get ready to say the blessing when she started puking everywhere! Thank The Lord no one else could see. She obviously felt so much better because after that she was a chatterbox. She then yelled to go to the bathroom twice and had diarrhea. But she was till so excited to be out to eat. Oh what an adventure all that was.
As of right now Tim and I have run upstairs about a billion times to take her to the bathroom. They are supposed to be sleeping but they now think it is a fun game to get to keep getting out of their room to go to the bathroom. Hopefully they will fall asleep before the storm hits or we will have a long night ahead of us.