Thursday, April 11, 2013

Willows first soccer game

On Saturday we all woke up early and went out to breakfast to celebrate willow first soccer game! The morning was complete with Ty throwing food everywhere, willow and Zoe fighting over the syrup, and Zoe spilling her chocolate milk. It's still fun to change up the routine and do something special with them. Willow was thrilled and was telling every stranger we walked past about her game. Almost our entire family met us at the fields. She looked so beautiful in her little neon green jersey. She is a natural athlete. Zoe had just as much fun sitting in Debbie's lap eating candy on the sidelines. That afternoon Tim had to go to the fire station so the kids and I played outside most of the afternoon.
On Sunday we drove to SC for baby Noah's first birthday party. It was a perfect day. Tim and I talked about all the plans we had for our land the entire way. The kids all had a great time with their cousins and loved helping Noah open his presents.
Yesterday was a low key day as I prepared to go to work that night. The girls helped me make bread. I let them wait for their nap so they could have a slice of fresh bread out of the oven. There is nothing like it! We could easily eat the entire loaf with butter smeared on. It's the little things in life!