Friday, April 5, 2013


Yesterday was quite an eventful day! We had field day at the homeschool group yesterday which I was in charge of. I have come to find out that I am a little to laid back for some people to be in charge of anything. Luckily lily came with me to help and was able to assist me in getting organized and dealing with 3 crazy kids. It was pouring down rain so we had to move all of the games inside. After everyone ate lunch another mom was just about to announce the games when suddenly a big firetruck pulled up to the front glass doors. The kids went Insane. I had called them a couple weeks ago to see if they would be available to display for the kids. I completely forgot to cancel for the rain and honestly forgot they were even coming. As the wife of a fireman this is NOT GOOD! Luckily they were awesome and stood out in the rain as the kids ran around admiring the fireman and their truck. When we made it back inside kids were all going crazy with excitement running everywhere. I'm sure some were thinking that we needed to get the kids under control but I thought it was great. After all, on my field day growing up I was running all over the place! Then to top off all this excitement I had already planned for Aubrey and myah to have a sleepover at our house. They are the sweetest kids and they all played so well. We had spaghetti, watched a movie then had us some icecream. There was lots of screaming, jumping, and dancing. Thankfully they all went to bed about 9:30 because I crashed very soon after that.