Thursday, April 25, 2013

Planting the garden

Last night after supper we headed outside to get the garden planted before the rain this weekend. Willow loves to dig in the dirt, Zoe on the other hand was busy taking care of her babies. She would put them in the swing, then to the chair for a nap. Ty was loving the leaves. It was a full time job to keep the leaves out of his mouth. Tim and the girls stayed out until dark. At the end Zoe started helping and they came in filthy but with smiles on their faces. Tim gave them both a dollar for working hard. They were so excited! Tim then had all of us sit down and he prayed for God to bless our garden. I'm so grateful for a man of God to help teach our children to see God in every aspect of life. He is showing them that we have to rely on God for everything and that He is in control. We are so blessed to have Him as the leader of our home.