Thursday, April 18, 2013

Visit with daddy

Last night Debbie came over and watched the kids for us while Tim and I caught up on life and grabbed some pizza. We got to sit out on the patio under their big fans. It was so relaxing and nice to talk to him. Debbie slept over at our house so she got up a with the girls this morning since they both ended up in her bed in the middle of the night. When I came downstairs Zoe had herself two different kinds of breakfast and was drinking her own cup of " coffee." They love when aunt Debbie is here to spoil them absolutely rotten! Before she left for work she got to sit in on our Bible time. She was able to listen to me read them a story about forgiveness and was able to hear the girls recite their memory verses. It was a lot of encouragement when someone from the outside is able to sit in and see how wonderful this time is. She reminded me what a blessing this is to sit with them every morning and have the privilege to start their day off with God in the center. I know the girls loved sharing what they have been learning as well. Once Debbie left for work we all started packing for our weekend trip to lake lure. The girls were going crazy wanting to take every piece of clothing they owned. Needless to say I picked their clothes out fast and got out of their room. Zoe was being a little more high maintence than usual today. I tried to take them outside and she insisted on having on her sunglasses( which were upside down). She also had her bag of princess shoes over her shoulder. Once her feet hit the ground and felt the grass was wet she started screaming wanting me to hold her. Good gracious she is a priss pot! I have no idea where this came from. I still can't figure her out because while she is crying about her shoes she is trying to pick up a worm.
After naps everyone was so excited to take a trip to see daddy at the first station. They were asking me all day. They have been missing him a little more than usual this week so I though tonight would be the perfect night. They squealed, laughed, and ran around the entire time. Such sweet memories when we go visit. I know Tim loves it probably more than they do.