Friday, May 31, 2013

Benefits of a homeschool group

The kids and I went to meet with one of our homeschool groups yesterday at our church. The benefits of meeting with them, even for an hour, are immeasurable.  In Hebrews 10 the Bible tells us to not give up on meeting with each other to encourage one another. Yesterday, I was able to see why this is so significant. The wisdom of other experienced women who have been there and done that is from God. They shared many tips, tricks, and talked of many tools to help persevere. Some brought their favorite curriculum so you can actually thumb through the pages to see if it is something your interested in. The user of that curriculum is the perfect person to ask questions about how helpful it is. Another reason it is so valuable is that you have the chance to be around like minded people. The pressures and oppositions of the world at times can leave you exhausted, but meeting there was like a breath of fresh air. Together with God we can accomplish this great task of educating them according to His will. The third benefit is resources. Most of the other women know people on the education board for our state as well as more experienced moms. The more resources and info you can gather the more helpful it is when you have those days you feel like your a failure and your kids are gonna turn out dumb:)  I hope for the kids and I to also gain friendships  that will last a lifetime while we are on this crazy journey together. Hopefully one day I can be one of those relaxed mommas telling the other ones to enjoy every minute!