Saturday, June 1, 2013

The baby pool

Praise The Lord for the baby pool during these hot days. When the play dough, coloring, and tea parties get old the pool is the perfect solution. Now let me assure everyone that these are not relaxing times with feet propped sipping on tea. There is splashing in each others eyes with screams of,"Mommmaaaa!" Then there are the girls trying to convince me that they have to go pee in the grass since they are too wet to go inside. Not to mention all of the air I gasp in from worry that Ty will fall in as he walks around the perimeter grabbing toys out of the water. On the other hand, there is such simplicity in spending your summers in a sprinkler or baby pool. There is nothing else any of us would rather be doing. Along with the sweet sounds of little girls begging me to put my feet in, there was little Ty crawling around chasing an ant. I'm never going to get these days back. Due to safety reasons the baby pool makes me have to sit, watch, and soak in the fun. I can't help but think this was part of Gods plan to get my crazy self to SLOW down. Below is a picture of Ty still eating his corn on the cob from supper!