Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The beach day 1

The kids went full speed all day yesterday. We all woke up early to have things down stairs ready for Tim to load up when he came home from the fire station. We are already at the point that we need one of those baggage trailer things for all our stuff. It is rediculous how packed down we were. I don't see any way around it because I know we will use everything I packed. The girls were so excited jumping all around and Ty was squealing and waving his chubby arms watching them. The ride here went decent. It was supposed to take 3.5 hours and it took us 5. We only had to stop twice and one of those was for food. When we finally got here the girls couldn't believe our view and were running around trying to find their bathing suits. I honestly don't remember much during that time. Bathing suits were getting thrown on and sunscreen smothered on. It was a mad dash for everyone to get to the water. I'm thinking Tim and I were both about out of breath at this point. We video taped Ty's first steps in the water. The boy LOVED it. He was laughing, chasing waves, and squishing sand in his fingers. Zoe didn't want to have anything to do with the water this year. She was content to play in the sand. Her prissy self said she was going to dig herself a pool. Oh that is sooo my Zoe Bell! Willows wild self didn't stop running the entire time she was chasing birds, jumping over waves, and carrying her bucket to and from the water. Every once in a while through out the chaos of the day God would give a small quiet moment to take in the joy of this time together. At one point we were all sitting there playing in the sand together and I was thinking it doesn't get much better than this...then the thought leaves and your back to keeping sand out of the babies mouth, helping to get the " dirt" out of Zoe's pool, and trying to keep wild woman safe.
That evening we made a shrimp boil. It was delicious. Once bath time was over we got these tired babies to bed. They were all worn out. They didn't make a peep once their head hit the pillow.
Tim and I then spent the rest of the evening on the balcony. A lot has changed since the last time we were here two years ago. We didn't even know if we wanted more children. We also thought we were going to stay in our house forever. God has worked a lot in our hearts. Now here we are with our house on the market, another sweet baby, and a desire for more. I'm very thankful for Gods provisions and I'm ready to take on another crazy day. Praying that I can enjoy these quick chaotic moments.