Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mallory's Birthday

We have had a lot of fun this weekend. Saturday morning, when Tim got home from the station I ran to the grocery store to get stocked up for our vacation. While I was gone Tim hung up a board from our basement that he had stained and painted. It was part of my mother's day present. Every mothers day we will measure the kids. The best part is we can take it with us no matter where we live. I cant wait to see lots of little markings all over that board! After my surprise we went to willow's soccer game. Afterwards we had Donna, Jim, and Debbie over for pizza to give Donna her Mother's Day gift. They took Ty with them and Tim and I took the girls to a big surprise. We went to the kids ballet. In my head I was dreaming that they were going to go crazy with excitement and watch the ballerinas every move. Then, there was reality. There was an announcement before it started that there would be cupcakes and lemonade afterwards. Willow whispered about those cupcakes throughout the entire show. She kept asking when we were going to get to eat them all while sitting on Tim's lap passing gas! He was hoping the lady beside him didn't think it was him! Zoe, with her shoe obsession, kept talking the entire time about the ballerinas shoes being dirty. When the show was over they were able to meet the all ballerinas and get on stage. That made their did the cupcakes. We went to pick up Ty and grabbed some BBQ on the way home. In the restaurant there was a one stall bathroom and I let willow go by herself while I stood outside. Never again will I do that because I walked in and she was playing with the toilet plunger! Extra soap went all over her hands to her elbows! When we got back home I got the kids ready for bed while Tim put our new bees he got in the hive in the back yard. I snuck a picture of him in his bee keeper outfit:) We ended the night with some front porch sitting and banana pudding icecream.
This morning Tim had to go back to the fire station. The kids and I went to church then headed back home to get packed for the beach tomorrow. The girls were not being good listeners while Ty was sleeping so I yelled at them that if they didn't listen then they would go to bed. Well... I ended up having to put them to bed at 11:00am, nowhere close to nap time. They actually fell asleep, but I felt kind of lonely with it being Mother's Day and I yelled at my kids and sent them to bed. Luckily they woke up refreshed with listening ears on and I got a lot accomplished. We played outside for awhile then got ready for my sweet Mallory's 26th birthday.
My life would not be the same without her precious spirit. She has shown me how to truly have unconditional love. Her disabilities make her beautiful and I will forever be so grateful for her. What a gift it has been to have her in our family. I now have the joy of teaching my children about the special gift that she is. It is a privilege to show the girls how to care for her and protect her.