Saturday, May 11, 2013


My friend Holly and her sweet baby Charli came over yesterday. The girls didn't take to her as quick as usual. They almost acted like they were too big to play with her. That quickly changed when she dumped some of her snacks on the floor and they got to eat some. Willow was carrying her all around the swing set trying to get her to do all of this big girl stuff. Ty of course was all over her. When they entertained themselves this gave Holly and I a chance to talk about all the craziness of life... Well we sorta talked while chasing children:) Once they left the kids laid down for their nap while I brushed up on some homeschool issues to talk with mom and Scott about for our meeting last night. Lily and Emma came to watch the kiddos while the three of us drove to steel creek for an info meeting on homeschool and classical conversations. Mom and Scott are thinking of possibly homeschooling Emma next year! It ended up working out perfectly. We were the only family there so we were able to meet one on one with the regional director as well as two local ones. Since Emma will be going into Challenge A that was mainly what the discussion was about. This benefited me in many ways. I was able to get a vision on the possibilities of what my kids can learn and do. This was great encouragement and relit a fire under me. I am very passionate about this and extremely excited!

This is Charli and Ty. We were trying to teach her not to choke him:)