Friday, May 10, 2013


I'm finally starting to see some results of this whole keep the house up thing. Normally after working all night and then sleeping a couple hours the whole house falls apart. With my new system Tim was able to see all that needed to be done and he got started on it for me. This was a HUGE help. I came downstairs to a clean house. He loves it as well, he is the natural born organizer. Sweet Ty was very excited to see me. If only I could bottle up that feeling when he wraps those chubby arms around my neck. Soon after I was up it was time for the girls nap time which gave me chance to wake up a little better. Tim had to get started on his cutting all his yards. Zoe was the first to get up. This is a pic of when she first came downstairs. That hair is CRAZY! I'm not sure how she will feel about these pics when she's older. When willow got up they played outside the rest of the day. It was very good to be home last night.
So far it's looking like a beautiful day today...can't wait.