Thursday, May 16, 2013

The beach day 3

Yesterday was a bit more relaxed. When everyone woke up we took the kids out on the pier. We saw two fish get caught. The girls thought that was pretty awesome. After that we went to the grocery store for some thing for supper. Even the store is an exciting adventure for the kids especially it being a new one that we don't usually go to. When we got back to the condo Ty laid down for a nap while I took the girls to the water. I looked up from the beach and saw that Tim was enjoying the quiet on the balcony reading his farmer book:) the girls had fun burying me in the sand and finding seashells. When we came back to the room we basically laid around all afternoon. The girls built beds on the balcony to lay on. I read in Tim's farm book, and he dozed on the couch with the kids. It was very relaxing and needed. After supper we all went back to the beach. It was a nice time to be out. The crowds were down and the tide was out. There were lots of little puddles that the kids enjoyed. It was another beautiful day!