Friday, May 17, 2013

The beach day 4

Yesterday was our last and final day. We went out with a bang! Mom and Emma drove down for the day. It was great because Emma helped entertain the girls. Since Emma got in the water Zoe followed and did not get out the entire time. I hate she waited until the last day but at least she got in. We didn't want to come in for lunch because we knew once we did that we would need to start packing up. Emma and I went up to the room and grabbed the big bowl of pasta salad with 6 forks and bought in down to the beach for everyone. All the kids played wonderfully, our fun was effortless.
When it was time to pack up having mom was there was very helpful. We worked like an assembly line. I would bathe a kid then pass them on to her to get dressed. Sand on tired cold babies is not fun. The cleanup time went quick since we had extra hands. We had so much fun, but I think we were all starting to be ready to get home. ( except willow) Mom and Emma followed us home and we stopped at good old Hardee's for supper. So yeah, the diet majorly starts today! It's funny how cheezits and Doritos taste so good on the beach!
Once we made it home we got tired babies to bed, unpacked most of our stuff, then collapsed on the couch. It is good to be home.