Saturday, May 18, 2013


Sooo, my day yesterday not only consisted of mountains of laundrey but a lot of discipline as well. I felt like I was having to reteach the kids how to entertain themselves. Their toys and swing set are no comparison to a huge ocean and unlimited sand. All day long they were asking for chips, cookies, brownies, and icecream. There was no point in explaining that those goodies were all for vacation. There was a lot of arguing, whining, talking back, and discontent. Which meant lots of spankings, timeouts, and talks. It seems that all of this is hardest on me. Not only do I need to discipline them effectively but I have to teach them where their joy comes from and how to be content all while being an example. This take lots of SELF discipline on my part. I really had to lean on God yesterday to supply what I needed to help me pour that to my children. It is all very humbling because at times I wanted to sit in the floor and pout just like them. It's not very cute for a child but especially not an adult... Essentially I am raising mini adults. With the way a lot of adults are now this keeps me in comstant prayer. I can't help but think that was all part of Gods masterful design. My kids keep me closer to Him.