Monday, May 20, 2013

Calming myself down

I had to tell myself over and over yesterday, "Brittany calm down!" I woke up about 12:30 from work the night before. After a few hours of sleep the baby was hungry, I was starving, the girls wouldn't nap, and there was no food in the house. Luckily, Lily let me run to the grocery store to get some food for us. I was so aggregated with all the chaos. On the way to the store I knew I had to pull myself together before I got back home. Unfortunately, while I was in the store the sky opened and it started pouring! I had no choice but to take my shoes and watch off, pull my hair back, and walk in the rain. It's strange but it was actually helping me feel better. It could have been because I was laughing at myself since everyone else was running and I was the only one walking. When I got home the rain was coming down even harder. I needed up dropping a gallon of milk in a puddle and it busted! It was saved just in time since I quickly poured it in the other gallon I had in the fridge. At that point I took another deep breath and was going to do my best to enjoy the day. I missed the kids a lot while I was at work and they reminded the rest of the day how much they missed me. We spent the rest of the evening playing in their rooms, them playing babies and jumping on the beds. Thank goodness God helped me calm down. Getting soaked in the rain can change perspective.