Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little chaotic

I'm not sure why but the past couple of days have been a little chaotic with some rowdy kids. They have been running all over the place. They spend time bouncing off the beds with the music blaring, " I'm taking home my baby bumble bee." Then they run down down here to their tent and check on their babies napping. Next they pull their brother in the train they made after gluing papers to the side. While all this is going on I'm trying to make bread, food for a friend, and granola. Whew! I eventually had to put things away and get these crazy kids outside. I'm thankful that they can laugh all day( when not fighting) even if I need that extra dose of patience. They are making memories and I get to watch it all.
Ty rode with Tim for the first time on the mower today for a few minutes. He loved it and the girls were with me cheering for him and yelling how cute he was. They are such little mommas. After supper we all went on a walk. It was perfect weather, the storm had just passed so the temperature was just right. Once the kids went to bed Tim and I did the usual porch swing sitting. I'm wondering if God gave me all that peace and quiet last night to get geared up for today? :)