Thursday, May 23, 2013


I am determined to start doing what I've said I want to do almost everyday which is inconvenience myself to serve someone else. Yesterday the kids and I took food to a friend who just had a baby. Something so small and easy to do takes such great effort sometimes. I'm hoping if I keep putting others before myself that it will become more of a habit. I was jus speaking with Tim recently about how in the world I'm supposed to juggle everything. I know that God has called us to serve others and to teach our children this but then where do you fit in homeschool, housework, errands, etc... He hit the nail on the head when he reminded me that serving others is what we were put on this earth for to glorify God. All the other things are important but secondary. Oh thank God for a man like that!
The kids were very proud walking in the house carrying the food we had made. Once we came home and got lunch and naps over we played outside most of the afternoon. I've had to work a little more diligently with willow. Her reply to most of what I say now is, "Yes huh! I'm a big girl I'm four years old!" I'm trying to nip the new back talking in the bud as well as a dose of humility:)
Pappa came by with a pizza for dinner last night. I always wonder why it is that some people think kids are such an inconvenience. He just couldn't wait to see them and when he got here they jumped in his arms and didn't leave him alone the entire time. Sure he was worn out when he left but I could tell he was recharged and had a huge smile on his face. In the words of my maw maw myrt they are like medicine.
I let them stay up a little later than usual because this is what I walked into the playroom to see...