Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kids first camping trip

We had been talking for a while now about getting these city girls outdoors on a camping trip. On Thursday we finally took the plunge. It took us awhile to remember what all we needed to pack. We hadn't gone camping since before I got pregnant with Willow, which was over 4 years ago. 

We decided to make it a surprise until we got to our campsite. Once we revealed our secret they were both excited and nervous at the same time. Willow said she might  get scared sleeping in the forest! When we told them they would get to sleep with us their fear went right out the window.

Once we got the tent set up we went to the playground on the campsite and let them run out all of their excited energy. We were starting to feel confident that we were going to actually be able to do this, and enjoy our first camping trip with them.

That confidence got quickly shaken when the evening hunger struck everyone at the same time. Ty was getting cranky, the girls were driving us nuts for marshmallows, and Tim and I were trying to fix hotdogs for everyone. I remember us looking at each other and without even saying a word we were both thinking that this wasn't the best idea.

Once bellies got full we took turns wrestling with Ty from getting into the campfire. Luckily, Pappa came about 9:00 to pick him up so he could spend the night at their house to get some rest. Once he left it was s'mores time. I think we all ate about 5, maybe more! The girls loved walking around with their flashlights. We sat around mesmerized by the fire all growing sleepier by the minute.

We headed for the tent about 10:30. Probably 30 seconds after our heads hit the pillow we were all asleep. The kids slept great. Tim and I slept decent as well, but of course we were listening out for every sound outside. There are more precious people in the tent to worry about now:)

The next morning we ate pop tarts for breakfast. They had never had them before so this was an adventure all of its own. We went hiking, then packed up for a day of swimming in the lake.

We had a great time swimming. The girls even met some friends and didn't leave the water all day. Donna came and bought Ty and he loved every minute as well. We were popped when we got home but it was so worth it and we can't wait to go again!