Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No drama queens

Our day started out pretty rocky this morning. The girls were up as Tim was leaving for work this morning. Willow was very upset that he was leaving and was clinging to his legs, crying, and carrying on. Once he left she ran over to the window trying her best to get tears to fall and to look as pitiful as she could. 

My first reaction was to hold her and make her feel better. Then again, I don't want her drama to be what gets my attention. After her attempts at my attention failed she decided she was going to go get her clothes on. While she was upstairs I heard her singing a song she made up about her Daddy (she is still trying to cry.)  I can't blame her drama on TV, she hasn't hardly been watching it. Thank goodness when she came downstairs Zoe and I were able to distract her and lift her spirits.

Zoe bell was a crazy little thing today too. I ended up having to right out some steps for the obedience that I expected out of them. #1 listen the first time. #2 say yes ma'am. #3 obey quickly. #4 obey cheerfully. So, at supper Zoe dropped her fork on the floor. In her whiny voice she asked me to get it for her. I told her no, that she could get it herself. She said, "Come on momma! Be a good listener, your a big girl! You can do it! Come on be a big girl for me!"  -she is only 3 years old! I then had to have the whole your the child I'm the parent conversation:)

Today has been fun visiting friends at the mall. It has been a challenge to keep my words encouraging. It has been interesting with tons of inappropriate questions about passing gas. It has been full of love with lots of little arms around my neck. It has been full of grace from God to have made it through! Whew!