Friday, June 7, 2013

More momma guilt

It was yet another day of craziness with the kiddos. It must have been the rainy weather that had them in a bad mood. I'm telling ya, it was by the supernatural grace of God I remained pleasant and upbeat throughout the morning.

I laid the two youngest down for naps pretty early. Thankfully that nap was a reset button for Zoe. At first I wasn't quite sure because the first thing she said when she came downstairs was, "Where is my candy?"  Not sure where that came from. When she walked off I heard her singing a song she learned in our homeschool group about geometry. At that point I knew we were good for awhile!

I will admit that by the mid afternoon I turned on the tv babysitter and enjoyed some quiet. That darn TV is such a temptation to me. I do pretty well with leaving it off most days but the thing taunts me! When things get loud and crazy I want to turn it on. It's a struggle for me that I fight daily. At the same time, I have a pet peeve of seeing kids just sit there watching it. Oh I drive myself crazy. I'm sitting here feeling so guilty.

As I sit here typing I have an idea to make a list of things we can do when things get wild and I want to grab for the remote. ( I love reasons to make list) Ill have to give it a trial run the next couple days and see how it goes. Should be a good test run since we will likely be inside due to rain.

Today I also saw first hand that this sweet boy of mine is a Daddy's boy. He no longer cries for Momma, but wants to be in his Daddie's arms. It breaks my heart and at the same time makes me happy to see the two men in the family have that special bond. They will be best buddies, I can just see it now. I can't wait.