Sunday, June 9, 2013

My no TV list

As I explained in a previous post, it drives me crazy to see my kids sitting in front of the television set. At the same time, I see it over there in the living room tempting me throughout the day to turn it on so I can have a little peace. Let me clarify that I see nothing wrong with occasional TV time, but I don't think it's good to turn it on just because they are driving me crazy at the moment. 

I decided to make yet another list of things we can do to switch gears to keep us sane:)
1. Ice cream cones... The picture below is Ty eating his off the floor after he crawled on top of it.
2. Trash bag race (kids came up with that one).
3. Play outside even in rain with an umbrella. No lightning of course!
4. Tea parties
5. Play dough
6. Bake cookies
7. Make an obstacle course through the house.(We use the kitchen chairs)
8. Good old dance party.

I've done all of these the past couple days except baking the cookies. I'll admit I was still tempted a time or two but this helped me tremendously. And best of all I don't carry around that Momma guilt at the end of the day. There are too many memories to be made!